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Registering a Trademark in Hong Kong

Once the application formalities are met and there are no objections or oppositions, the trademark will be published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal. Afterwards, it will be registered and its rights will date back to the filing date.



反向鏈接在 SEO 中的重要性


What Are Trademarks?

Trademarks are a form of intellectual property that can be used to identify and distinguish the goods and services of a particular manufacturer or seller from those of others. Trademarks can be words, symbols, designs, or a combination of these. For example, the Coca-Cola trademark includes both a word and a symbol.



What to Look For in an Airport Transfer

Getting to the airport can be an exciting and important part of a holiday. However, not all airports have good airport transfers, and there are a number of things to consider before making a booking. These include the cost of the service, the types of routes available, the cancellation policy, and payment options.

Relocating 101 – What You Required to Know Prior To You Transfer

Words “relocation” implies to change placement. Relocating can be heard, felt, and seen. However what happens if there is no actual adjustment of placement? Can a book relocate an area packed with publications? Well, yes, and no. This short article will review some of the typical false impressions concerning relocating as well as just how to avoid them.