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How to Create a Party Room in Your Home

Party room is a place where people come together to watch sports, movies or discuss books and fandoms. Guests can also have food and drinks in this room.

A home party room game idea can be a den, dining room or recreation space. It should have plenty of windows to allow environmental control.

Designing a Home Party Room

Whether your family’s entertaining style is casual or formal, having a dedicated space for gatherings and festivities will make it much easier to entertain in the comfort of home. Transforming a living room, dining room or second den into a Party Room is simple with a bit of maneuvering and outside-the-box thinking.

Creating an inviting Party Room is easy with the right wall decorations. Photos and artwork are a great way to add personality to the space, but you can also decorate using themed paper, ribbons, stickers or even foil balloons. For an extra festive touch, tie small scraps of ribbon into a big bow around each photo frame or mirror for a fun embellishment.

Keeping a clean and open look is important in a Party Room, so installing frameless interior glass windows is a smart design choice. You can keep them open for a spacious ambiance during parties and install them back into place for cozy seclusion when the music stops and everyone heads home for the night.

Installing Frameless Interior Glass Windows

A party room should have many windows to provide environmental control for cooling or warming the space as needed. A large window will also allow light into the space. The best type of window is frameless, which exemplifies the beauty of the home and invites a spacious ambiance for guests.

The ceilings of a home party room should be high enough to avoid a claustrophobic feeling for guests. Cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings work best as they help disperse the noise and ambiance of a crowd.

Austin renovates the back of this room in preparation for Olivia’s birthday, scheduled for the 6th day (35th in-game day). Her friends prepare extra surprises including a florarium, Ralph Ray’s dragonfly, a photo frame and a dram box. Jeb plays drums for her song. Then, Austin and William read her Wish Book. They discover that she wants to reach a star and sing a song! Austin and William help her celebrate.

Creating a Focal Point

Focal points help to orient a room, drawing attention and leading the eye. Without one, a room can feel chaotic and haphazard.

Often, a room’s focal point is something that is already there, such as a fireplace, a large window with a beautiful view or a built-in wall unit. These features should be accentuated with decor and lighting to draw attention to them.

Other things that can serve as a focal point are a food or drink station, a buffet line or a stage for performers. If possible, a focal point should be easily accessible. It should also be something that can serve as a backdrop for party photos. If there isn’t a natural focal point, creating one can be easy using simple design tricks. For example, adding pops of color with pillows, vases or art will help to draw the eye. A balloon, which can be helium filled or even just regular air, is another simple way to frame an area and act as a focal point.

Creating a Social Communal Space

When you have a party room game idea in your home, it’s important to make sure it has a doorway and passage that are large enough to handle the flow of people entering and exiting. It should also be situated near your kitchen so you can have a constant supply of food and drinks for your guests.

To encourage guests to mingle, it’s a good idea to designate seating areas throughout the party room. It’s also helpful to include a bar and several buffet lines or drink stations so your guests can easily access the beverages they want. Another key feature is to choose a ceiling height that’s appropriate for your family and guests. Standard ceilings may feel cramped in a crowded room, but sloped or tray (also known as cathedral) ceilings are much more comfortable and create a sense of openness. This type of ceiling can also enhance sound quality and help with air circulation.

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