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How to Decorate a Party Room

Decorating a party room game idea  doesn’t have to be complicated. You can hang photos of the guest of honor to create a more personal touch. You can also use photos that fit the theme of the party.

Frameless interior glass windows exemplify the beauty of your home while creating an inviting, spacious ambiance for guests. This can be particularly important in a large home where the Party Room is often used for social gatherings.

Inflatable decorations

Inflatable decorations are a fun way to spruce up your party space. These blow up decorations come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can fit any theme. You can even find ones that coordinate with specific activities, such as a pool or beach party.

In addition to inflatable decorations, you can also use photos and other artwork to decorate the walls. For example, if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, hang photos of the person being honored on the wall. Alternatively, you can string ribbon across the room and tie it off at the end of the day to make a simple garland.

Inflatable decorations usually require plugging into an electric outlet or inflating with an air pump/blower. Be sure to check the packaging for clear instructions on how to set up the decorations.


Table linens do more than protect tables and absorb spills; they set guest expectations, convey the event’s theme, and coordinate with other tabletop accent pieces. When choosing a tablecloth, consider its fabric, shape and color.

Linen adds a casual air, while cotton has a low price point and is machine washable. Polyester blends are sturdy enough for everyday use and resist fading and wrinkles. Silk tablecloths have a luxurious feel, but are usually quite expensive due to the complex manufacturing process.

For a wintery tablescape that’s not overly kitsch, try this tablecloth with red berries and pine boughs. It also coordinates with other Williams Sonoma-exclusive table accents, like holly berry napkin rings. This linen tablecloth is available in multiple sizes. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor dining.


The best way to decorate your party room is to add some colorful balloons. Choose a color scheme that complements the theme of your event and use lighted balloons to highlight the main focal point. For example, a stage can be highlighted with a themed backdrop or canopy or with an organic balloon column. You can also create a special message for the guest of honor by writing on their balloons with marker.

The Party Room is a building in north-east Falador where players can participate in drop parties. Pulling the lever and selecting Balloon Bonanza costs 1000 coins and causes items to drop from balloons that players must pop to receive them. Stacked and noted items do not appear in the same balloon as other items, but may appear in a different one.

String lights

Indoor string lights are often associated with Christmas or dorm room decor, but these versatile decorations can add a cozy, warm ambiance to your home all year round. They also pair well with many different decorating styles.

Drape string lights in a zigzag pattern across the ceiling for a trendy backdrop behind party tables. This look would be perfect above long rows of tables at an outdoor wedding, flooding guests with a soft glow.

Use strands of fairy lights to accent greenery chandeliers or garlands. In this industrial-style venue, the glimmering bulbs perfectly complement the raw and rugged architecture. Alternatively, hang a garland of round bistro lights to create a faux pergola underneath a clear top tent, as seen here. This will allow guests to easily navigate the space after dark.


Many families choose to use their dining room, second living room or other home entertainment space as a party room. However, others build or remodel their homes to include a dedicated party space. Regardless of which space you choose, the design should take into account how your family uses it on a daily basis. For example, the party room game idea should be near your kitchen so that you can easily serve food and drinks. It should also be close to the entryway so that you can greet guests. It’s important that the room has plenty of windows, and that it is climate-controlled to keep your guests comfortable.

Decorating your party space with a variety of items can enhance the overall theme. Providing readily accessible trash receptacles throughout the room will help to keep the area tidy.

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