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Party Room Causeway Bay

Play games like automatic mahjong, pool, Switch and darts, sing your heart out on the karaoke or watch movies on the projector. You can even have snacks like cheese tofu and samosas!

Registering a Trademark in Hong Kong

Once the application formalities are met and there are no objections or oppositions, the trademark will be published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal. Afterwards, it will be registered and its rights will date back to the filing date.






為了充分利用 AR 應用程序,定義明確的項目要求並與軟件工程師溝通非常重要。設置溝通工具以促進項目管理也是一個好主意。



How to Decorate a Party Room

Private party rooms make it easier to host parties, events and gatherings without having to leave your home. The ideal party room should have lots of windows and climate control to accommodate guests during different seasons.

How to Decorate a Party Room

Frameless interior glass windows exemplify the beauty of your home while creating an inviting, spacious ambiance for guests. This can be particularly important in a large home where the Party Room is often used for social gatherings.